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Conflux Gaming brings the same professional quality expected at Grand Pre events to all conventions for both the casual and professional gamer. We provide a unique experience through our social game areas to brand interactions where players can play the games they love and meet the people behind those games. We include everything from traditional trading card and miniatures games to the newest video games, our wide variety brings together each player with all aspects of the gaming culture.

Being a Tournament Event company based in the Coachella Valley, Conflux Gaming is committed to building and creating new community events in the world of casual, competitive, and educational gaming. Teaching sportsmanship while creating a positive gaming experience for all and connecting on a social networking level. Our partnerships throughout the industry allow us to provide diverse backgrounds for gamers of all levels, regular attendees, and the partners we bring in. The Conflux Game Room experience is the missing ingredient all cons are missing.

Created in 2011, the humble beginnings of Conflux Gaming originated as a college gaming club at College of The Desert named "NerdStock." Hosting bi-weekly Game-Nights with an average of 75 attendants through 2016, Conflux had planted the seeds for its community-focused foundation. With 2016 came a wave of conventions for the Coachella Valley, and Conflux was there to bring the community into the new scene. Following the success of convention Game-Rooms, Conflux brought its unique blend of community focus and Esports to Agua Caliente Casino. Working in hand with their talented staff, Conflux hosted the nation's most attended weekly Esports events, with an average of 200 to 300 in attendance and 720 at its peak. Conflux Gaming, from its inception, has strived to bring all aspects of the gaming culture together with an educational focus of "Honor, Respect, and Sportsmanship" for the community. Conflux Gaming LLC is based in Palm Springs, California.

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